This Is The Trick To Making Extra Smooth And Creamy Mashed Potatoes

This is the cooking tip you need to know.

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Mashed potatoes should be an easy dish to make at home. After all, it's just boiled potatoes that have been mashed and then mixed with butter, milk, and salt and pepper. However, you'd be amazed how many people do something wrong and end up with mashed potatoes that have become either gummy, lumpy or otherwise not pleasant to eat. 

If you have done the wrong thing and made mashed potatoes that was neither smooth nor creamy, you need to know this tip: use a sieve. 


Use a sieve or a strainer to remove any lumps from your mixture.
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A sieve has a steel mesh that can easily withstand the rigors of passing a creamy mashed potato mixture through it. All you need is one that is big enough to hold around 1 cup of roughly mashed potatoes and a flexible spatula to help you push it through the mesh.

To make it easier for you, a sieve that has hooks on the outer rim can be placed on top of a bowl so you don't need to hold it while using it.  The resulting mash will be smoother, creamier, and totally lump-free after doing this. You can see the silky difference when you finally mix in the melted butter, warm milk, salt, and finely ground pepper. Everything easily combines to create the smoothest mashed potatoes you've ever made.  

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For an even easier way to mash potatoes, mash the potatoes when it's still hot (fresh from the stove), and you can even mix in half the butter and milk to make it easier to press through the mesh. If you happen to have it, using a ricer, like this one, would be even better and easier to "mash" the potatoes once cooked. 

You can use a masher or a ricer like this one to perfectly and smoothly mash potatoes.
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Mashed potatoes that are melt-in-your-mouth good is not hard to do. With a little extra effort on your part, this side dish easily becomes one that you will turn to whenever you want a hearty substitute for rice. 



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