Learn To Use This Creamy Secret Ingredient For Your Food Experiments

You can add it to nearly anything!

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Are you getting a little bit bored with your recipes? One little ingredient swap or addition can change the game. We found a particularly special all-purpose cream that's the perfect ingredient to experiment with! Whether your recipe already contains all-purpose cream or not, you can easily incorporate it into almost anything.


Alaska Crema's all-purpose cream has a slight touch of acidity which helps accentuate umami flavors. To help you use it into your cooking, here are few tips on maximizing its use:

1 Infuse it with herbs and spices.

You can use this technique for soups, crème brûlée, or any recipe that uses a lot of cream. To infuse your cream with the flavor of herbs and spices, in a saucepan over low heat, combine the herbs or spices you want, like rosemary, cardamom, lemongrass, sage, or whole peppercorns with your cream then bring it to a gentle simmer.

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Once it simmers, immediately turn off the heat and let it cool. If you didn't finely chop the herbs or grind the spices, strain or remove the whole herbs and spices if you don't want to eat it. Season as desired or use as the recipe instructs.  

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2 Stir in or use as a garnish to soups.

You can add creaminess and depth to bold-flavored soups with a dollop or swirl of all-purpose cream added right before serving. You can also use the spice- or herb-infused cream you just made and serve it on the side. You can even add it halfway through the dish to completely transform its flavors.

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3 Add it to savory dishes.

Yes, all-purpose cream isn't just for desserts. Add it to your favorite savory dishes like bistek or even adobo for a creamy twist.

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Aug 14, 2019

4 Use it to tame heat.

Is your dish too spicy? Add all-purpose cream. This will diffuse the heat without ruining your flavors. The buttermilk flavor note can even enhance the flavors.

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5 Use it to diffuse saltiness.

If you accidentally added too many salty components to your dish, just like it can tame heat, all-purpose cream can also mute saltiness and save your dish from being overly salty.

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6 Make a creative dessert cream.

Stabilize all-purpose cream by whisking in sugar or bloomed gelatin, and then add more flavor using liquid essences like lemon, vanilla, and almond, or flavored liquors like amaretto, Grenadine, Blue Caracao, or Kahlua. Use this cream to top coffee, layer it between ladyfingers for a refrigerator cake, dollop on top of crepes, or pipe it onto cheesecakes. Chilled cream, in particular, sets a lot firmer, so it allows those clean lines when cutting into a cake.

It's easy to become used to old ingredients and old recipes, but there's always a way to make things new again, and maybe even improve them. So, take that leap of faith, experiment with the possibilities of using all-purpose cream, and you will be rewarded with a fantastic dish that's creamy and flavorful as a result.

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