WATCH: You Can Make This Easy Chicken Siomai Recipe At Home

Siomai is a favorite dumpling for many. It is usually a pork siomai that many of us love and crave, but there are many variations to this popular dim sum item. 

One of those variations is the chicken siomai. Replacing pork with ground chicken is the answer many of us have when it comes to thinking of ways to change things. It's an easy swap, it's a delicious one, too, and best of all, it's not an expensive substitute. 

You can easily grab a kilo of prepared ground chicken at the fresh chicken section of your supermarket but on the off chance it's not available even at your local butcher shop, you can make your own using a food processor and some chicken fillets. In fact, you can do all the grinding up of the three different finely ground meats with the simple press (or presses!) of a button. 

Yes, you can grind meat in your food processor. 

Here's how to easily grind up meat at home in your food processor: remove all bones, shells, and any connective tissue from your meats. (Connective tissues are tough strands and won't grind easily and will only cling to your blades, so it's best to remove it before starting.) Cut up any large pieces into smaller cubes as necessary. If you have the time, freeze your meats at least 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how large the pieces are, only until the pieces are fully chilled and slightly firm. This will make grinding the meats easier and prevent any fats from melting as it is ground. 


Once fully chilled, load up your food processor and using the pulse button, pulse the meat until finely ground to your desired grind. 

Now that you have your freshly ground meat, here's the recipe to learn how to make these succulent dumplings at home: 

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Jul 15, 2010

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