Here's An Easy Way To Make Japanese Katsu Curry At Home

You can combine two recipes!

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Even we have to admit that the Japanese katsu curry at a Japanese restaurant can easily lure you in. It's got everything delicious going for it! It starts with the incredibly crispy pork cutlet or the tonkatsu that's tender and juicy straight from the frying pan. It's covered in a thick and chunky curry sauce that's not quite sweet but it's not just spice that you can taste either. There is really something different about its taste!  

What makes a katsu curry so different? It's really the combination of the two dishes that make this so delectable! The two recipes combined to make a Japanese dish are the Japanese curry sauce and the pork or the tonkatsu

To make the katsu curry, you need to learn to make both recipes. 

How do you make the Japanese curry? 

You can make a version of the curry sauce at home that's as delicious as the one you might get at a restaurant. You just need to get your hands on a special ingredient: Japanese curry blocks

House Foods' Curry Sauce with Vegetables are available at SM Hypermarket branches starting at P119.50.
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You can find Japanese curry blocks at your local Japanese grocery or you can also find it in the international section of your nearest major supermarket. There are a number of brands you can choose from and the prices range from around P120 at a major supermarket up to P199 at online shops. 


However, if you can't find this kind of curry in stores, you can always make it from scratch at home, too. The secret to Japanese curry is what goes into it. You'll need garam masala or a curry powder mix that you like. You will also need an apple. This fruit is what gives Japanese curry its delicious sweetness that's not overpowering! Check out our Japanese beef curry recipe video to see exactly how it's made.

You can copy how the curry sauce is made, including the vegetables, but without the beef for this recipe.  

How do you make tonkatsu

The most complicated part is how to make the curry sauce but once that's decided, you can focus on the second part of this dish: the pork.

These chops are cut from the pork loin.
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You'll need to purchase pork cutlets. These are cut from the pork loin which is why it looks like a pork chop but without the bones. It is also the same cut as the butterflied pork chops. These are the same cuts you will find at the butcher when you buy a pork chop but with a few big differences: the pork chop needs to cut more thickly, at least 1/2-inch thick, and it needs to be boneless

Prepare the pork just like we did in this tonkatsu recipe video to get the "katsu" part of the Japanese katsu curry dish.   

How do you make a Japanese katsu curry recipe? 

You have a curry sauce, complete with vegetables, and the tonkatsu. Time to put it together! Place rice on a plate together with a breaded pork chop, sliced into serving portions. Then just ladle the curry sauce with the chunks of potatoes and carrots over the side of the crispy pork. You'll want to serve it while hot!   


You'll be surprised how versatile this recipe can be with regards to your taste! A quick change of the kind of curry powder mix you use can make a big difference in how it will taste. Give the Japanese curry packs a try for a  taste of the real thing before venturing out to making it from scratch.   



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