WATCH: Make This Easy But Resto-Worthy Sweet And Sour Fish Recipe

The essential ingredient that makes this super delicious is really affordable, too!

Sweet and sour recipes are pretty common. It might be an everyday dish for you and your family! 

We know of a fantastic (and affordable!) ingredient that can level up your sweet and sour dishes. You may think it's an expensive ingredient but you can find it in the International Section of your local major supermarket for under P100.  

The ingredient is Chinese black vinegar.  

What makes this ingredient so delicious in sweet and sour recipes? 

The Chinese black vinegar is not to be confused with balsamic vinegar. Balsamic is darker and thicker in consistency than the Chinese version. Chinese black vinegar isn't as thick but it does share the tanginess of other vinegar. The tang, however, is less sharp and has an underlying sweetness to its flavor. 

Chinese black vinegar could be what makes your favorite sweet and sour dish more delicious.
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For a sweet and sour recipe like this one, the sweetness of the black vinegar is amped up with the addition of brown sugar. It not only adds a sweetness but it also adds a slight molasses flavor that complements the tang. The result is a perfectly balanced sweet and sour flavor that makes this easy sweet and sour fish fillet recipe so incredibly delicious that it's addictive. 

This could definitely be the secret ingredient to that delicious sweet and sour dish that you tasted at a Chinese restaurant.  

Here's the recipe: 

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