5 Ways To Make Your Embutido Recipe Delicious And Different

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If you make a traditional embutido recipe, here are the ingredients that you need to make it: 

  • • ground meat (pork, chicken, etc) 
  • • pickle relish 
  • • cooked ham 
  • • raisins 
  • • eggs
  • • cheese
  • • carrots 
  • • salt 
  • • ground pepper

These are basic ingredients for your typical or traditional pork embutido. Here's a recipe that you can make so you can reminisce family reunions and celebrations where this version might be served: 

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1 Go classic with this pork embutido recipe.  

This version includes all the ingredients listed in your traditional embutido. You won't miss the nostalgic flavors that you used to enjoy when younger in this recipe. You get the complex sweetness from the pickle relish and raisins as well as the kind of ham you use, the creamy savoriness from the cheese, and the overall umami from the ground pork that makes this so good. 

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Jun 17, 2015

If however, you're not a fan of this version of the embutido, you can hack the recipe so you can have a more enjoyable experience eating what you want in your version of the embutido. The embutido is basically a meatloaf that was probably localized. Not all Pinoy kitchens had an oven and since the traditional meatloaf was baked or roasted in the oven to create that signature toasted top, we turned to what we did have: a stove. 

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The embutido is commonly rolled up in aluminum foil and steamed until it's cooked through. This negated the need for an oven. However, there was the other aspect of toasted pieces that delivered delicious flavor. This probably led to the practice of frying to mimic that same toasted look and taste.

However, the embutido after steaming was usually so tender it was hard to slice without it falling apart. This was solved by refrigeration so the meat roll could firm up a bit before it would be cut into serving slices and fried. The resulting slices were a genius hack to the baked meatloaf. 

That's why we think meatloaf recipes and embutido recipes share similarities and meatloaf recipes can even be used for a different take on embutido if you really wanted to. The taste will definitely be different from the embutido we love. So, if you don't want to deviate too drastically from the embutido recipe but want to introduce something new to your version, here are ideas you can try: 

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2 Make your embutido milky and creamy. 

You might not think to add it into your version but if you add evaporated milk to the embutido meat mix, you might find that your embutido tastes a little milky and creamy, too. The concentrated milk is richer, creamier than your usual milk, so if you love its taste in other dishes, you might love it just as much in this recipe, too. 


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3 Add cheese and powdered milk to embutido.

Did you know that powdered milk can taste like cheese? It's actually the secret ingredient in this cheese bread recipe that amazingly tastes like it is indeed topped with cheese. This common ingredient is what also gives this recipe for embutido its creaminess as well as its cheesiness flavor. The addition of real cheese amps up the flavor profile of this celebration-worthy recipe. 


You'll want to freeze the extra logs of embutido you'll make with this recipe! 

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4 Swap out the ground pork for chicken and ham. 

It's not a drastic change to the recipe in itself but if you want to switch to a less fatty cut of meat for your embutido or just prefer the taste of chicken to pork, this is a great switch. The change in the kind the meat is easy to do. You can use the same technique for any embutido recipe but if you want the flavors of the seasonings to also complement the change of meat as well, use this recipe. 


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5 Use fishfor your embutido

There is no rule that says embutido needs to be made from pork or even chicken. That's why it can be made from fish, too. In this recipe, cream dory is an easy fish fillet to use since it's readily available as fillets. No need to hassle the fishmonger to fillet a fish for you. Just swap out the ground meat for this fish, flaked into large and small pieces. The rest is a delicious way to enjoy embutido without eating pork or chicken. 


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