All The Ways To Make Filipino Barbecue

It's an addictive combination of sweet, spicy, and savory!

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Drop by any place that is holding a celebration and you're sure to encounter a platter full of pork barbecue sticks. Pinoys love their pork barbecue! It's so popular that even barbecue street food vendors know that having just isaw, adidas, and betamaxes is not complete without the favorite pork barbecue. 

We all know that the Filipino-style barbecue has a sauce with an addictive combination of sweet, spicy, and savory. The unique Pinoy pork barbecue sauce can be slathered onto any meat, not just pork! 

Here are the different recipes you can make using the Pinoy-style barbecue sauce you loved as a kid and continue to enjoy eating now: 

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1 Pinoy-Style Pork Barbecue Recipe 

Pinoy barbecue is a classic recipe that requires banana ketchup, soy sauce, garlic, a lemon-lime soda or calamansi juice, and lots of brown sugar to sweeten the mix. This is best tossed with the pork and chilled overnight, preferably at least one day or even two to ensure that the pork starts to break down from the acids in the marinade. This is what ensures that the pork is tender when you finally do grill it so don't skip the time it needs! 

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2 Spicy Pork Barbecue Recipe 

The Pinoy-style barbecue sauce already has a touch of heat, courtesy of the banana ketchup that is commonly used in the marinade. However, if you want to boost that flavor up a notch or three, you'll need to add more than just banana ketchup to satisfy that craving! Use siling labuyo that grows in the garden or grab a pack from the supermarket to add to the barbecue sauce you have waiting to marinate the pork. 

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3 Pinoy-Style Chicken Barbecue Recipe  

Why not use the marinade for chicken instead of pork? The marinade is just as tasty flavoring pork as it will chicken. You'll just have to remember to cook it for longer since the pieces of chicken are much bigger and there are bones to think about when grilling them. 

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4 Chicken Barbecue Sticks Recipe 

Chicken doesn't have to be on the bone to be delicious! For this recipe, you treat the boneless chicken strips just like you would if it were pork strips. The big difference is the marinating and cooking time since these do not need to be tenderized and the boneless quality of these strips cooks super fast on the grill. Change things up with the sauce, and serve it with a creamy sauce on the side to give your taste buds a rest from the barbecue sauce if desired. 

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5 Baked Pork Barbecue Recipe 

When the grill is too much hassle to set up, you can achieve similar results in the oven. This pork barbecue is charred and made to taste extra special, courtesy of the pineapples used in the marinade. It even whets your appetite even more with the tasteful addition of pineapple chunks on the ends of each barbecue stick. 

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6 Pork Chop Barbecue Recipe

It's just not Pinoy barbecue when there's no soda in the marinade! However, you can substitute the soda if you don't have it and in this case, apple juice is the liquid that gives this pork barbecue a delicious sweetness! Plus, you're not marinating these pork chops for very long since these don't need to be tenderized before being cooked. All will be forgiven when you give this barbecue-style pork chop a taste! 


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