WATCH: This is How Easy It Is To Cook Fish Escabeche

This impressive whole fish dish is easy to cook!

There is no need to be intimidated! Cooking a whole fish is actually easy. You can request your fish vendor to descale and gut your fish for you even before you leave the stall. Since it's already been cleaned and gutted, all you really need to do is rinse the fish, check for any stray scales that may have been stubborn enough to stay on the fish, and just season as desired before frying. 

If you can't find a maya maya (grouper), that's okay. You can use another whole fish with white flesh for this dish. Lapu lapu, matang baka, or even tilapia and cream dory fillets are not bad choices for this dish since this cooking method is easy to do on any fish, whole or filleted.   

The hardest part of this dish may be making the sauce that you'll pour over the fish once it's been cooked. You can jazz up the sauce: if you like spicy food, add some chopped siling labuyo into the sauce. 


Whichever your preference, we know you can make this easy fish recipe: 

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