WATCH: This Is How Easy It Is To Make Ginisang Talong

This is an easy and simple stir-fried eggplant recipe.

We're sure many people know the value of a quick and easy recipe. Recipes like a simple breaded pork chop recipe or super flavorful adobong talong recipe that can make a long night feel less busy because it comes together in a cinch with minimal preparation. 

Stir-fried recipes are some of the quick recipes you can make but sometimes, a delicious bowl of veggies is just as satisfying, too. 


Eggplants, or talong, however, aren't always the quickest vegetable to prep. Those who don't like the bitterness associated with eggplants will have to take a few minutes from their prep time to extract as much of it from the vegetable. However, despite it taking 10 minutes, it's idle time which you can use to prep the other ingredients and equipment you will need to make the dish. The dish really does come together in a few minutes.  

Are you ready? Here's the recipe: 


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