WATCH: How To Make Gising-Gising

This green bean-heavy dish is made heartier, meatier with ground pork, too.

Gising-gising is a gulay recipe made more delicious and heartier with the addition of some ground pork into what would be an otherwise green bean-heavy dish. This vegetable-laden dish is made with two kinds of veggies: green beans and sigarilas. Also known as a winged beans, sigarilas is a green bean with four thin protrusions that extend from its center that look a little like wings. This gives the bean a somewhat four-sided shape. 

Sigarilas, or winged beans, are a local produce that's just like green beans.

It's delicious! It's eaten and treated just like any other green bean. It can even be eaten raw if desired. In this gising-gising recipe, it's chopped up together with green Baguio beans, which you can swap out with any other green string bean that may be in season. These are sauteed with ground pork and bagoong alamang for its powerfully pungent flavor, and finally, simmered in gata or coconut milk. It's topped with chopped siling pangsigang or haba and siling labuyo before serving. 

It's a really simple recipe for a dish that's intensely flavorful and delicious. Learn the full recipe here: 

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Nov 29, 2017

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