WATCH: How To Make Homemade Skinless Chicken Longganisa

This homemade chicken sauasge recipe makes for an incredibly flavorful breakfast fare.


Making longganisa from scratch isn't as complicated as people think it is. The most difficult part is stuffing your ground meat mixture into casings, but that is easily substituted for other, more easily accessible materials. In the case of this homemade chicken longganisa, wax paper doubles as both casing and protective paper. Using wax paper ensures that the sticky chicken mixture doesn't stick to each other once formed and it also makes the chicken longganisa easily slide from the slick paper once the marination time is done. 


The other difficult part may be the forming of the sausages itself. There's a simple solution: Just grease your fingers and hands so that forming the logs are a mess-free situation. Then, it's just a matter of waiting overnight for the sausages to marinate and impart its flavor into well-formed sausages you can easily cook for breakfast that following morning.         


Try the recipe and discover if homemade is and can be better than the variants you can buy at the frozen food section. 




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