How To Instantly Make Your Kimchi Rice Better

One ingredient can make it even more irresistible.

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Kimchi is a fermented food made with Chinese cabbage, dried chili powder, and salt. Sometimes, the cabbage mix also has daikon radish, ginger, garlic, leeks, and other vegetables. The cabbage is left at room temperature for just a few days to jumpstart the fermentation process before it's refrigerated and ready to eat. It's actually quite easy to make kimchi if you have the ingredients and have time. 

This is the essential ingredient in kimchi rice. It's what makes it so addictive and a fantastic pairing for so many ulam dishes! You do not have to make kimchi from scratch to make kimchi rice but just like kimchi, making kimchi rice is also easy to make at home. 

These are the four basic ingredients you need to make a smashingly good kimchi rice dish:

  • • kimchi
  • • day-old rice 
  • • bacon (or luncheon meat as an alternative) 
  • nori sheets or dried seaweed  

You don't even need oil if you cook the bacon right before you start the dish! It looks so simple that you can make it better in an instant if you wanted to.


Just add this one ingredient that many Koreans love that you'll enjoy just as much, too: mozzarella cheese

This bowl of kimchi rice may hide a stretchy secret ingredient.
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You'll find many Korean dishes have mozzarella cheese added to it. There's the Korean corn dog, the corn cheese banchan, and the spicy and saucy chicken buldak with the cheese fondue. This stretchy cheese is incredibly sensitive to heat. Just a little heat and it will melt. That's where the magic happens: it becomes super stretchy and gooey that seeing it happen can make any dish more appetizing. 


When it comes to kimchi rice, all you have to do is stir some of these grated mozzarella cheese into the still-hot fried rice and serve it immediately. You just let the residual heat melt it. 

This is how to hack that kimchi rice recipe into a cheesy one: 

  1. 1 Make kimchi rice as recipe directs. 
  2. 2 When plating, add grated mozzarella cheese for every layer of rice you add to the plate. Cover the cheese with the hot fried rice. Make another layer if desired. 
  3. 3 Top with a fried egg and serve immediately. 


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