COOKING WITH NEWBIES: How To Make Korean Fried Chicken Wings

She loves chicken wings, so she can now make it anytime she wants.

Cooking newbie Lou Ferrer, a coordinator, is not that new to cooking. She has cooked before and while she has some experience, she doesn't spend a lot of time in the kitchen. This is perfect because unlike some newbies, she already has an idea of how a recipe comes together to become a dish. 

For this episode of Cooking with Newbies, food editor Roselle Miranda gave her a choice about what she might want to cook for that day: chicken or beef.

The chicken box which would cost around P800 total contained ingredients that would cost a lot more than the beef would. That's because the recipe isn't just your normal chicken recipe. It's a fried chicken recipe, Korean style

What's fantastic about making the spicy, soy-garlic glazed Korean fried chicken is the fact that you might buy the ingredients once, but you will be able to make three, four, ten, or even more servings of the sauce beyond that first batch of chicken wings. That's one of the beauties of having a super flavorful sauce in your arsenal of recipes! 


We thought it would a great idea to show her, not only how to make chicken wings, but the Korean version that has become a cult classic. 

What makes Korean fried chicken so unique is the fact that these are double fried. Double fried means exactly that: it's fried twice. The main purpose of this is twofold: one, it ensures that the chicken is cooked through without over-browning or even burning the outside.    

Here's the recipe: 


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