Make Your Lechon Baboy More Flavorful with These Seasoning Ideas

Lechon can taste even better!

Lechon baboy is the most popular food at any celebration but occasionally, you want something that will wow you with its flavor. 

You do not need to make your lechon baboy recipe complicated. You can use a simple salt and black pepper seasoning to make it delicious. A squeeze of calamansi all over the pork as it roasts can be the flavor difference you want to try first. However, if you’re looking for more flavor to infuse into your pork, we have ideas about what herbs and spices you can try to make your lechon more flavorful. 

Photo by Michael Angelo Chua

1 Onions + Bay Leaves + Peppercorns 

When pork is the flavor you want to enhance, simple ingredients are all you need. For this easy pork belly recipe, you simmer the pork until tender with onions, bay leaves, and black peppercorns. Once tender, you can rub it with your favorite blend of species and herbs before roasting, but can also leave it as is.   

This basic roast pork recipe is a delicious beginning of any crispy lechon baboy recipe you want to try.  

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

2 Chili + Garlic + Thyme + Calamansi 

This roast pork belly recipe is a gorgeous rolled pork that is infused with simple flavors. The pork itself is simply rubbed with salt and ground black pepper and later, calamansi juice is squeezed on top as it cooks. However, the flavor doesn’t end there. Green finger chili or siling pangsigang is chopped up together with garlic and thyme to add even more flavor from the inside out as it roasts.  

Photo by Michael Angelo Chua

3 Sinigang Mix + Lemongrass + Garlic 

There is no such thing as too much flavor! For this roast pork belly, it’s a punch of flavor that makes it so delicious and appetizing. Garlic and lemongrass are combined with a mix of salt, ground black pepper, and a few tablespoons of sinigang sa sampaloc mix to give it that tangy flavor of the tamarind easily. 

Photo by Michael Angelo Chua

4 Garlic + Oregano + Cumin + Sweet Paprika + Olive Oil 

The flavors of the Mediterranean are in this roast pork belly recipe! For a super flavorful lechon baboy, this is rubbed with olive oil infused with spices before roasting. The oil helps to not only deliver the flavors but also helps crisp up the pork. 

Photo by Michael Chua

5 Garlic + Ginger + Onions + Lime + Orange 

This pork belly marinade is made super flavorful and tangy with an aromatic mixture of citrus juice and spices. The marinade not only uses the juices but also the zest of the lime to amp up the flavor and aromas. You’ll taste as well as smell the delicious flavors, too. 


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Photo by Mylene Chung

6 Garlic + Ginger + Vinegar + Soy Sauce  + Thyme + Allspice + Cinnamon 

If you want to go truly bold in your flavors, the spices and sauces combine to create this bold Caribbean flavor in this flavorful roast pork recipe. You can go easy on the spices and add just enough to make the pork aromatic. Remember to pat the pork dry if you’re roasting it so the skin can crisp up. 

Which of these lechon baboy recipes are you thinking of trying? We have lechon tips and tricks to remember when you make any of these pork belly recipes.   


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