How To Make Lomi Super Tasty

Eat it piping hot!

Lomi is a Chinese-inspired noodle soup that is thick, hearty, and generously topped. There are differences between a typical Chinese-style pancit lomi and a Batangas version but despite these, there are many similarities, too, that make it a delicious noodle soup that’s more akin to a sauce than a soup.  

If you love lomi, whether it’s the Chinese pancit lomi or the topping-heavy Batangas recipe, here are ways to make sure your version is super tasty:  

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1 Use cassava starch. 

Only Batangueños will insist you eat a bowl of their local lomi immediately, while it’s piping hot and while hot enough to burn your tongue. This is because of the surprising ingredient that gives the noodle soup its consistency and texture: cassava starch. 

Cassava starch gives the lomi soup a wonderful thick consistency. However, this only lasts while it’s still hot! So, if you leave it to cool, it cools and begins to thin out, leaving you with a thin soup instead of a thickened one. It will still be delicious but it won’t have that delectable thickened consistency that your tongue might be looking for.    

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2 Add liver. 

This ingredient will be controversial for anyone who doesn’t like liver. Liver has a mineral flavor, an almost iron taste that is what makes it so unique among other meaty ingredients. It’s what might make you not a fan of eating it. However, it’s this same minerally taste that gives your lomi a distinct flavor that you can’t get using other ingredients. 

If you’re not that put off by the idea of some liver in your lomi, use chicken liver for a creamier liver or use fewer pieces of pork liver, enough to give it a little taste.   

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3 Load on the toppings. 

The Chinese version of the lomi has no need for much else served with a bowl since any toppings are mixed into the noodles. That’s not the case for the Batangas version. If there’s one thing that makes the Batangas lomi immediately different from the Chinese lomi, it has to be the mound of toppings. It normally has a mountain of meatballs, crushed chicharon, kikiam, and other chunks of different meat, plus the toasted garlic and green onion. 


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4 Stir in all the condiments. 

The lomi should be hearty and delicious on its own. To bring it over the top and make it truly irresistible, serve it with a side of calamansi juice, chopped white onions, too or soy sauce, and siling labuyo if you want your lomi spicy. You will want to either sprinkle these on top of your already loaded bowl and stir it in or mix it all together in its tiny bowl before adding it in. 

All this sounds truly delicious and appetizing so if you ever find yourself craving a bowl of lomi, remember these tips. You’ll have a super tasty meal every time.   


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