Lugaw Recipes You Can Easily Make

All you need is rice, water, and your choice of meat.

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A lugaw recipe starts with these three ingredients: rice, water, and your choice of meat to make it tasty. It can be chicken, beef, pork, fish, or even a vegetable if you like!  

The main ingredient is really the rice, preferably the sticky rice or malagkit rice. This is simmered in water until the rice kernels burst, creating a thickened but chunky stew that pairs wonderfully well with different kinds of toppings, sides, and other food. 

If you do not want to take the chance on having lugaw delivered, here are lugaw recipes to try making at home: 

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1 Lugaw with Egg Recipe 

You can't go wrong with a classic recipe that takes lugaw and makes it hearty and delicious. If all you have are the three main ingredients, make it then just add an egg! Season to taste, and you'll have a tasty bowl in no time. It doesn't get simpler than that!    

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2 Spiced Pork Lugaw Recipe 

What makes this lugaw turn yellow? It's all about the turmeric! A teaspoon or two of the ground-up spice is all you need to make this golden hue mimic the same coloring of the arroz caldo. Plus, if chicken is not your meat of choice, you can use pork instead.  

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3 Chicken Lugaw Recipe  

What makes lugaw made with chicken different from an arroz caldo? Ingredients! The lugaw is actually the simpler, more basic recipe compared to the arroz caldo. While the arroz caldo uses whole chicken pieces to make a tasty chicken stock with lots of ginger from scratch, a lugaw is simpler in its ingredient since it's the basic recipe. Plus, unless you use kasubha in your version of lugaw, arroz caldo is commonly tinged a golden yellow from saffron. 

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4 Spicy Pork Congee Recipe 

Congee is the Chinese word for lugaw. However, there are more differences. Congee is usually even more basic than lugaw! While we may opt to use chicken stock instead of water in lugaw, congee is almost always a stark white color. The appeal of the congee is really the multitude of toppings that you can load into your bowl!

For this recipe, pork is used to make this super tasty but it's got the added delight of being spicy, too. 

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5 Fish Congee Recipe 

Just like you can swap out the chicken with pork, you can switch to fish to make this bowl lighter in flavor, too. Fish stock is used in simmering the rice to make it taste like it's from the sea. We can just see this topped with crispy fish skin for that extra touch of crunch!     

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Jun 29, 2016

What kind of toppings do you love to add to your bowl of lugaw?



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