WATCH: This Is The Lumpiang Gulay You'll Want Every Day

This delicious crispy spring roll recipe is packed with flavorful and hearty veggies.

Do you love veggies? If you answered "Yes!", then this is the vegetable spring roll or lumpiang gulay recipe that you need in your life. 

This lumpiang gulay recipe, or vegetable spring roll, is packed with hearty and delicious vegetables. It contains two kinds of sweet potatoes or kamote, Baguio beans, cabbage, and carrots. It has tofu chunks in it, too. To combine all these ingredients together, a simple mix of the aromatic onions and garlic plus a drizzle of patis or fish sauce to make it taste fantastic. 

You can easily adjust the amount of fish sauce to your taste. If you want to try this lumpiang gulay recipe, here's the recipe: 

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