WATCH: How to Make Mango Tapioca Balls in Coconut Milk

If you love tropical-inspired desserts, you will love this!



Our local mangoes are the star in this easy-to-make tropical dessert! The subtle flavors of the creamy coconut milk, the texture of the tapioca balls, and the sweet mangoes all make for a dessert you'll want more of. 


It's a great after-meal dessert for summer but this is also great as part of your weekend spread. It's not overly sweet so you can easily have two servings, or more! 


Cooking tip: Make sure to prep enough time to cook your tapioca balls—it can take 30 to 40 minutes. Get the full recipe here: 


This Filipino favorite features soft tapioca pearls in coconut milk and a topping of sweet Philippine mangoes.



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