WATCH: This Is How You Can Make A Local + Easy Paella

This is our version of the Spanish paella.

This Christmas, make bringhe, or the Filipino paella. It's a dish we transformed from a Spanish paella recipe but using ingredients that anyone can more easily get.

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This easy paella version uses ingredients you can get at any supermarket or palengke.

It uses luyang dilaw, or fresh turmeric, to mimic the color of expensive saffron. It also uses malagkit instead of the shorter-grained varieties used in the traditional paella. All these changes are meant to make this dish more easily accessible to us and the result is a delicious rice dish we should be making and serving at our fiestas and big celebrations like for Noche Buena. 

If you're going to try it, here's the bringhe recipe: 

This is a simplified stovetop-version of paella that moms can easily prepare at home.

Curious to try other variants of this local paella? Here are other bringhe recipes you may want to also try: 

This bringhe version is topped with crisp adobo flakes!

Bringhe is a local version of paella, typically served during town fiestas.

This recipe uses brown rice, which is more nutritious than white polished rice.


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This festive rice dish will be a definite crowd-pleaser!

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Because we all love a bit of yellow rice.

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This brightly-hued homemade paella is easy to cook and uses everyday ingredients, too.

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Follow these easy steps to get fluffy steamed rice!

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