WATCH: How To Make Patis-Glazed Fried Chicken Wings

Sticky, sweet, and a little bit salty, the glaze on these chicken wings makes it super delicious! 

Patis isn't a common ingredient for a sticky glaze but in this case, it's a delicious ingredient that adds both saltiness and umami in one. 

The patis first starts flavoring the chicken in the 2-ingredient marinade. While it may be simple, you can jack up the flavor a bit more with your choice of herbs and spices. 

The glaze is the crowning part of those glazed wings. The salty flavor is bolstered by the sweetness of the brown sugar but also the tang from the vinegar. It's a complex flavor profile already but if desired, you can add some heat. We skipped the red chili flakes in the video to keep it simple, but in case you want to add some heat to your version, stir it in right before the cornstarch slurry is added to bloom its flavors. You can use gochugaru or togarashi, gochujang or hot pepper paste, or even freshly chopped siling labuyo for that signature heat you're looking for. 


Then, it's just a matter of tossing the glaze with the crispy fried chicken wings. The wings by the way have been double-dredged in the flour for maximum crispness! Together, the glaze and the wings make for a fantastic wing meal.  

If you want to learn how to make these delicious looking patis-glazed chicken wings, here's the recipe: 

Want another kind of meat? Why not try this super delicious patis-glaze on lechon kawali for a different take on the pork dish. 


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