How To Make Pineapple Chicken Recipes

Make every chicken dish you make extra special with pineapples.

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Pineapples are locally grown fruits that you commonly see as tidbits, chunks, and slices in cans, and even freshly prepared and packed ready for you to pick up at the fruit section of your local supermarket.

The sweet tangy flavor of these fruits is highly underrated as an ingredient in cooking. You'll find it only used in recipes such as sweet and sour dishes where the pineapple is the sour ingredient and in pininyahang recipes. You might also find it in adobo recipes where the sour tang is boosted by pineapples such as in the adobong manok sa gata at pina recipe. It's more common to see the yellow wedges and their flavor used in baking where you'll more likely to find them used often in cakes, muffins, and even bread.

However, there are ways of adding pineapples to savory dishes, too, especially chicken dishes which make a delicious food pairing. Here are ideas on how to make pineapple chicken recipes:


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1 Cook the chicken with pineapples.

Pininyahang manok is the classic chicken and pineapple recipe, but you can do more than just that. This baked chicken has a delicious glaze made with the tropical flavors of peaches and pineapples. The pineapples are simmered with all the other spices until it's sticky, shiny, and super aromatic. It's then baked until the glaze is glued onto the chicken, making each bite super flavorful. You can also grill the chicken or make crunchy fried chicken and top it off with pineapple salsa.


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2 Serve it with a barbecue sauce with pineapples.

Grilled chicken is naturally delicious. One way to make it even more irresistible fresh off the grill is to baste and then serve it with a super tasty barbecue sauce. For this barbecue sauce, the tanginess of the barbecue sauce isn't just from the vinegar; it's also from the crushed pineapples.


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3 Marinate it in pineapple juice.

This chicken is already tasty on its own with the rub made of different spices and herbs. To make it into a pineapple chicken recipe, you can cook the chicken and serve it with a pineapple sauce.

However, to truly get the sweetness of the fruit into the chicken, you need to marinate. Not only is the chicken marinated in a flavorful liquid with those spices and herbs plus pineapples, but it's also served with pineapple salsa, too. So, you get a double dose of sweetness from the pineapples in every bite.


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4 Grill with pineapple chunks.

You don't need to be heavy-handed with the pineapple flavor if you don't want to. What you can do is simply season boneless chicken with something flavorful like curry powder and then skewer the chunks together with pineapples, so the sweetness of the pineapples drizzles down onto the chicken as it cooks. This gives the chicken a sweetness that's not overpowering.


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5 Use it as a stuffing ingredient.

You might not think that chicken cordon bleu could get any better but we think it can. If you love sweet ham in the chicken rolls, you can amp up that flavor by adding crushed pineapples together with the ham and cheese.


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6 Add pineapples to a creamy salad.

Mayonnaise, chicken chunks, and pineapple tidbits are the main ingredients in a classic macaroni salad! Make this delicious dressing and toss it with your choice of cooked macaroni for that classic Christmas salad that you expect or keep it lighter and more refreshing by tossing it together with singkamas or jicama chunks, cucumber slices, and finely diced carrots.


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