WATCH: How To Make Pocherong Bisaya

This pochero recipe is a super flavorful cross between a nilaga and bulalo.

This pochero recipe is different from the pochero you may be more familiar with. A Tagalog pochero recipe is usually a tomato-based stew with its thick slightly sweet sauce, courtesy of the saba bananas that's been cooked in it. 

Not all pochero recipes are stews. 

This pochero recipe version from the Visayas is a soupy, not a saucy, dish. This version is more like a cross between a nilaga recipe and a bulalo recipe than the saucy tomato stew. Not only that, it's got more herbs in it! This recipe includes the aromatic lemongrass, spicy ginger, and lots of leeks to make the broth more complex in flavor. 

Finally, it marries all the vegetables of the nilaga and the bulalo in one! Potatoes and cabbage? Check! Sweet corn cobs and pechay? Double check! Plus, this version also includes a fresh bamboo shoot which you can swap out for the canned version so it's easy to prepare. 


Here's the recipe: 

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May 30, 2016

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