WATCH: This Pork Adobo Flakes Recipe Is Your New Breakfast Fave

Pork adobo may be the most popular of all adobo recipes! It's true that the adobong baboy is undeniably delicious. It's got a super flavorful sauce and tender chunks and you can serve it saucy or a little soupy so you can spoon that flavorful soy sauce and vinegar over some steamed white rice. You can even simmer it until almost all the sauce has evaporated so you can have it tuyo or dry. 

What many people do is make a big batch of their favorite kind of adobo because who doesn't love adoboAdobo is one of those dishes that taste even better the day, maybe even two to three days, after it was first cooked.

This is where leftover recipes come in. Any adobo that you don't finish off can be made into something else, something just as delicious and just as satisfying. 

One way we think you can reinvent that adobo is to shred the meat and make it crispy. Adobo flakes is easy to do. All you really need to do is shred the meat, mix it with some of the adobo sauce to amp up the sauce, and fry it until crisp. 


Need to see exactly how it's done? Watch the video and review the recipe here: 

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