WATCH: Salted Egg Makes These Chicken Wings Extra Delicious

The salted egg craze is not over.

All things tossed in the yolks of the itlog na maalat, otherwise known as itlog na pula or salted eggs, was a crazy trend! From potato chips and fish skins to pasta sauces and dips, the grainy but savory yet creamy quality of the yolks was the defining ingredient in many recipes and dishes during that year. It's safe to say, that craze doesn't have to die, especially if you truly do love it. 

There are many ways to use the salted egg but what is definitely true is that the egg, in general, is a great and versatile ingredient. The yolks itself is the creamy ingredient in many recipes but when it's cured in this way, the creaminess of the yolks is decreased for that telltale grainy texture, but the yolk's flavors are intensified. 

If you love the taste of the savory, creamy egg yolks that coat these chicken wings, this is a meal that's sure to cure your salted egg craving. There's no need to go out for these wings! 


Crazy for wings and for salted egg anything, too? Here's the recipe: 


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