WATCH: You Can Make Your Own Longganisa At Home

This skinless pork longganisa is as easy as it is delicious.

If breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, you must love many kinds of silogs or sinangag at itlog breakfast combos. Whether it's tapsilog, longsilog, bangsilog, or tocilog, there is something truly satisfying about this trio of a breakfast meal that can't be matched by other dishes. 

Of these meals, one of the more common combinations is the longsilog. It's popular for good reason: it's pork, it's sweet and salty, and you usually get at least two, if not three, logs of this unique Filipino sausage in every meal. It's a great breakfast and it's easy enough to make longganisa at home. 

In fact, it's better when made at home because you know exactly what goes into your meal as well as how much of an ingredient is added. Like it garlicky rather than sweet? Increase the amount of garlic and lessen the sugar. Like it sweeter than usual? Add more sugar. 


When making longganisa at home, people usually worry about where to find the casing. Don't worry: this particular recipe doesn't even need it as it's a skinless version using wax paper, which is available in many major supermarkets.

Here's the recipe for this skinless pork longganisa recipe: 

Nothing beats fresh, homemade sausages. Try making this sweet and garlicky longganisa yourself! It's easy, tasty, and preservative-free.

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