The 5-Step Guide to Making Smooth and Fluffy Mashed Potatoes

Learn the secrets to making ultra-fluffy mashed potatoes in your own kitchen!

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You don't need fancy equipment to make smooth and fluffy mashed potatoes at home. It's all about proper preparation and technique!



1  Salt, salt, salt.


Always place a good amount of salt in the water that you use to boil your potatoes. This helps season the potatoes as they cook. Just like pasta noodles, they absorb liquid and expand while cooking. Get in as much flavor as you can.



2  Give your potatoes a rinse.


Get rid of the extra starch by rinsing your potatoes under a steady stream of clean water after peeling and dicing them. Starch is released the more your potatoes are mashed and mixed and can weigh them down, so keep everything under control and wash off the excess while you can.



3  Let them steam.


After boiling your diced potatoes, place them in a colander to drain out the excess water and steam for a minute or two. This step ensures soft, fluffy potatoes ready for mashing.




4  Use same-temperature ingredients.


Bring your butter down to room temperature, and gently heat your heavy cream or milk on the stovetop or microwave until warm. Mixing in cold dairy ingredients into hot mashed potatoes will not only give you a hard time mixing, but will not allow the potatoes to properly combine into a smooth mixture.

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5  Do not overwork your potatoes.


Potatoes are starchy, and when you overwork the starch, it turns into goo. Have a little bit of restraint when combining your ingredients together, otherwise your potatoes could turn heavy and sticky.


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