5 Ways To Make Sopas Better and Tastier

Upgrade your usual chicken noodle soup with a sopas made more hearty!

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The rainy season is here and with it are chilly mornings, damp and cool evenings. You can definitely have your usual instant mami or a simple sopas to stave off the cold, but why settle for an ordinary bowl when you could be slurping a fantastic bowl that can satisfy your hunger and delight your other senses at the same time?


Here are five ways to make that bowl of sopas better:


1 Mix up the meats.

Who said sopas had to have shredded chicken only? Add rounds of Vienna sausage. Shred leftover pork or use ground beef, and add it to flavor the broth or use thinly sliced meats that easily cook in the piping hot broth (we suggest sukiyaki cuts). Look to the freezer, and grab squid balls and other meatballs to make your bowl a swimming pool of meaty chunks that transforms your sopas into an even heartier meal.


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Aug 5, 2017


2 Get creative with the broth.

Add a touch of cinnamon to a milky chicken sopas and you instantly transform the flavor profile of the entire soup. Add turmeric and ginger to liven not only the look of the soup, the taste will likewise be elevated, too. Be creative with the use of spices and turn a normal chicken sopas into an aromatic and even more flavorful soup that can warm you up even further just like the usual would.

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3 Toss in other veggies.

Carrots and celery are the usual veggies added to sopas but strings of cabbage, slivers of Baguio beans, tiny chunks of potatoes, or small rounds of green peas are just a few of the many vegetables available in the market that can also bulk up your sopas, turning it into a satisfyingly full meal instead of a side dish or merienda fare.

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4 Use interesting pasta shapes.


Dried pasta doesn't just come in elbow macaroni shapes. The great thing with pasta is that it does come in various shapes so you're never limited to using just macaroni. Use pinwheels, bow ties, twists, or even vegetable pasta for a rainbow-colored bowl that will fill you up as well as delight your eyes. 


5 Garnish it with something tasty.

Sometimes, how you garnish a dish is just as important as what is in it, and that's how restaurants capitalize on even the most mundane of dishes. Garnishes aren't just about adding parsley, it's also about feeding your eyes as well as your other senses.


So, take advantage of a chance to get really get creative with your food. Top off a bowl of milky chicken sopas with a swirl of cream or dollop tiny mounds of prepared pesto to liven both the color and its taste with the basil concoction. Reserve tiny, diced veggies until the end, and scatter it all over the bowl to infuse color into your normal sopas. Drizzle an aromatic oil (sesame oil or quality extra virgin olive oil come to mind) linger with its aroma as well as its taste so the broth immediately smells and tastes delicious.



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