WATCH: This Is The Spicy Adobong Pusit You Will Crave

If you love spicy squid, this is the adobo recipe you've been waiting for.

There are very few squid recipes that are more popular than the adobong pusit recipe. When the squid has been made into adobong pusit recipe, it's elevated into a dish that's both savory and tangy from the iconic sauce and sweet from the squid pieces. The squid ink, if you find the sac intact when preparing the seafood, is another ingredient that makes this a truly unique dish. 

To make this adobong pusit different from all the other adobo recipes like it, making it spicy was the perfect ingredient to introduce to the dish. It's really amazing how just one ingredient can make a difference in a dish! 

If you love spicy and are a fan of the adobong pusit, you need to learn to make this mouth-watering dish. Here's the recipe: 

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