WATCH: You Can Make This Spicy Tuna Pasta In 3 Easy Steps

Plus, it uses ingredients you probably already have.

There's something really easy about making a pasta dish. These dishes are automatically easy to make! If you at least have a two-burner stove, you can even cook both the pasta and the sauce at the same time. This saves you both time and effort since each of these parts of the recipe can take less than 10 minutes to cook! 

Since this pasta recipe uses canned tuna, the hard part is probably slicing and chopping up the fresh ingredients: onion, garlic, and tomatoes. You probably prepare these three ingredients so often, you can slice and dice these in your sleep! 

Plus, the canned tuna we used in this recipe can even be changed! We highly recommend using the hot and spicy canned tuna that this recipe suggests, but you can change that to be any prepared can of tuna. There a number of delicious and different kinds of canned tuna available in groceries. Swap the spicy tuna can (or both!) with any one of these pre-seasoned cans instead! This easy substitute instantly creates a different kind of tuna pasta every time. You might find a new favorite!


With a pasta recipe this easy to make, you can totally satisfy your craving for tuna and pasta all in one delicious dish. 

Here's the recipe: 

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Tuna is really one of those kitchen ingredient staples that we think you should always have on hand. This spicy tuna pasta recipe proves that it's as fast and as easy as opening the cans of tuna. If you have canned tuna and spaghetti in your kitchen, you can make this and other fast and easy pasta recipes like these: 

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