WATCH: Make Tokwa't Baboy Easy Using Pork Liempo

You might want to make this with your next lugaw meal!

This easy pork liempo recipe is easy and delicious. 

The classic tokwa't baboy recipe isn't really a recipe. It's a combination of two ingredients-fried tokwa and pork pieces-that are usually served with lugaw or goto. The vinegar-soy sauce dipping sauce can be served with the lugaw or goto but when the tofu and pork are dunked in the sauce, we think it makes it even more appetizing. The tofu and pork become the ulam of the rice porridge, creating a complete meal that's comforting and homey. 

Simmering the pork in the sauce makes it even more delicious! The pork absorbs the sauce making each bite more flavorful. 

Here's the recipe: 

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Jun 18, 2015

This tokwa't baboy recipe is fantastic as the side dish of lugaw but we think it's just as delicious as is served with a heaping mound of steamed rice, too. 


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