WATCH: How To Make An Easy Tortang Giniling Na Baboy Recipe

There are many reasons to make recipes ahead of time: you're busy, you're late, you're tired, and maybe, you're just out of ideas about what to serve to eat. 

Make-ahead recipes are easily the best kind of dish to have in your freezer or refrigerator for all of those reasons. That's because these recipes are those which you can squeeze into a spare hour or two you might have to maybe prep, cook, and store food you can cook and serve on another day. 

That's why this giniling recipe is so great for anyone who finds themselves too busy to cook anything more complicated than frying something quickly! While this is still a fried dish, too, you have to admit that it's heartier, has more flavor, and will be definitely more satisfying than a plain pork chop. The best part is that it's so easy, it can be made for breakfast, too. 


This tortang giniling na baboy recipe is easy to do ahead of time. The pork and mixed vegetables can be made a day, two days, or even a week ahead before freezing or chilling until you need a fast meal. When you need that fast meal, just beat some eggs, add it to the cooked ground pork mixture, and fry.  

Watch the video above and read the full instructions here on how to make it: 

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