This Grocery Ingredient Will Change The Way You Make Pininyahang Manok

It makes it easier!

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How well can you cook chicken? The simplest chicken recipe, from the delicious adobo, the quintessential fried chicken, to a complicated stuffed roast chicken—chicken is always a crowd pleaser. But what differentiates a beginner and an intermediate cook when cooking chicken? Marinades!

Marinating meats really change up your game. But marinating takes forethought and the perfect combination of sauces, seasonings, and spices. There’s a good hack to level up your cooking skills with just one purchase though: Magnolia’s 3-Way Chicken. Going from student cook to impressive cook is as easy as that.

To give you an idea of what you can do with it, we tried Magnolia’s 3-Way Chicken: Gata Marinade for our pininyahang manok recipe and it made a wonderful difference. The chicken was more tender, and there was not a piece that lacked flavor. Plus, you don't have to spend the time to marinate or tenderize your meats since it's already done for you! 


Here is everything you need to feed five people with gata-infused pininyahang manok using our recipe:

Magnolia Chicken 3-Way Gata, ginger, garlic, onion, patis, tomato sauce, pineapple chunks, salt, and pepper are easy to keep in stock!

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With the same marinated chicken, you can also make chicken curry, adobo sa gata, and a simpler pininyahang manok using their recipes indicated at the back of the packaging or found on their website here. The recipes are also really easy and mainly use staple ingredients. Or, use our trusted and tested recipes:


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So, drop by at the frozen section of your groceries and upgrade your usual go-to recipes with one simple ingredient change. Magnolia 3-Way Chicken is also available in either Ginger or Tomato marinade. You can buy a 750g Pack for only P199 at your major grocery stores. 


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