KITCHEN TRICKS: How To Microwave Food Without Drying It Out

Microwaves are super useful so this is how to use it right.

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The microwave is a fantastic kitchen appliance. It can do so many things! It's usually used to melt butter and chocolate, boil water for hot drinks, and even cook your vegetables until each floret is a beautiful bright green in a matter of a few minutes.

Probably the most common way people use their microwave is to reheat food. We admit: using your microwave to reheat food really is fast but you can dry it out

Good news is that there is a way to do it properly so that even if you reheat fried food, it will still come out of the microwave, still juicy and not dry. 

This is the only tip you need to properly reheat your food without drying it out: 

Add water, either in a bowl or in the food, when reheating in a microwave to avoid drying it out.
Photo by Majoy Siason

Add water. 

Whether you're reheating a pork chop, your favorite fried chicken, or a bowl of sinigang from last night, there should be water in the microwave. Why? Microwaves can heat up water better than it can more solid food. That's why heating up water in a mug in the microwave is super fast! That's also why if you're reheating a soupy dish, it heats up quickly. That bowl of sinigang will heat up quicker than the pork chop will.  

For pork chops, fried chicken, and other fried food, either sprinkle your food with water or place a small bowl with water in the microwave with it. Not only will the water act as a conductor of the microwaves, but it can gently steam and keep your food moist. That's why your food can't dry out! 

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A little water goes a long way in ensuring your food doesn't dry out when microwaved.
Photo by Majoy Siason

However, don't expect your food to emerge crispy unless you have a special container for that. Microwaves do their best work when working with water so as long as there is water in the microwave with your food, you will have juicy pork chops every time. 


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