This Is The Common Mistake People Make When Frying Food

Never skip or rush this step!

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It’s a known fact that you should heat up your pan before you start cooking. After all, you’re going to need it to be hot to cook food. But it's also important that the frying oil should be hot as well.


All too often, however, busy cooks forget to or are too rushed to finish the meal and don’t properly heat the pan as well as the oil enough. Heating the oil ensures that food doesn't stick to the pan when cooking. This is a mistake that can actually add minutes to the cooking time rather than speeding it up because you’re likely trying to scrape the stuck-on food rather than easily lifting it from the pan.


While you can certainly use a nonstick pan every time you fry, you prevent the fond, or the browned flavorful food bits that you usually find on the surface of the pan, from forming. 



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There's an oil which meets the requirements you need.


If you have a non-coated metal pan which you use for frying, this is what to do so you prevent your food from sticking to your pan: place the pan over medium heat. Add oil. Now leave it alone until it is completely heated through. This means the oil should be hot enough that you should be able to see the oil start to shimmer and begin to vaguely see wisps of smoke from the oil. That’s your cue to add the fish, chicken, beef or whatever food you’re going to fry into the hot oil and pan.


After letting one side of your food cook, you should be able to test whether the food has stuck to your pan or not. Use a spatula and if you heated your pan and your oil properly, you should be able to easily flip and cook the other side with no trouble at all.



Always do the pan and oil heating process properly and food sticking to your pan will never happen again.



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Good fried chicken is just a few crucial steps away.

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