Are You Doing This Pasta Cooking Mistake?

This cooking tip prevents pasta from sticking together.

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If you have ever cooked pasta only to find that some have clumped together while it cooked, you may have been doing this common pasta cooking mistake.

This cooking tip is one that many people forget or neglect to do until after the pasta has already had a chance to stick together. The pasta that has stuck together is difficult to separate and possibly has undercooked parts, too. 

You can prevent this with this simple cooking tip: stir the pasta.

You need to stir the pasta in the water immediately after you add it to the boiling water. The science behind this is the same as not stirring cornstarch or all-purpose flour in the gravy. You get serious clumps if you aren't paying attention and stir when you add that flour in. 

You have to remember that pasta is made with flour and is commonly tossed in some more flour to prevent it from sticking together before cooking. This flour is what's making your pasta stick together if you don't stir and allow the boiling water to keep the pasta separate from each other as it cooks. Then all you have to do is toss the cooked pasta in your preferred sauce and a pasta meal is ready to eat.  




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