How to Reuse Leftovers from Your Weekend Roast

Looking for ways to make use of your leftover meat? Here are a few yummy ideas!


Leftover meat from the roasts that you make during weekends can make your weekday cooking much easier! These meats are already seasoned well and completely cooked through, leading to super quick prep. Toss them into these easy meals to make them extra filling! 



1  Sandwiches


Your roast chicken will be beautiful sliced into strips and hot-pressed into a crusty sandwich with tomatoes, cheese, and pesto. Add lots of dried herbs for extra flavor! Tender roast pork will also hold well if your break it apart into a floss, and stir it into a deeply savory gravy for pork sliders.


Take advantage of your supermarket's ready-to-eat rotisserie chicken.


Filled with tasty shredded pork in smoky barbecue sauce, these sandwiches may be miniature in size, but they're big in flavor!


Nothing else is as mouthwatering as a sandwich with steak strips!




2  Fried rice


This one is almost common sense: chop up your leftover chicken or duck, and toss them into a quick rice stir-fry! Add peas, corn, and carrots for a nutritious breakfast.


Serve roast duck with lots of rice!


For baon-worthy fried rice, mix in your fave barbecue chicken!


This Filipino-Mediterranean recipe uses lamb shoulder, one of the more budget-friendly lamb cuts.





3  Casseroles


You can make any kind of casserole with your leftover roast meat, whether it’s chicken, beef, lamb or pork.


Here's a tasty all-in-one casserole that will be a hit at any get-together! The use of bottled pasta sauce helps cut down on prep time.


Cassoulet is a slow-cooked casserole that typically consists of pork, duck, sausage, and white beans.


This one-pan meal is filled with creamy chicken and fluffy mashed potatoes.





4  Salads


Here’s an easy way to add protein to your salads! With lots of greens and a good mix of meat, you will have a light but complete meal.


Here's a flavor-packed dish that will surely satisfy!


Lettuce greens are topped with juicy steak, vegetables, and cheese, making it one complete meal.


This salad recipe is inspired by the tried-and-tested combo of chicken wings and blue cheese dip.




5  Pasta


Stroganoff suddenly becomes insanely easy when you have leftover roast beef. You can also add leftover chicken or beef into your baked pasta dishes for extra protein.


Make the whole recipe and serve leftovers for dinner. Just pour into an ovenproof dish and reheat in the oven.


Turn dreary office lunches into an exciting meal with this three-cheese pasta recipe.


The classic becomes extra tasty with cream of mushroom soup!






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