This Is What You Can Do When You Overcook Vegetables

This is one way to fix overcooked, mushy vegetables.

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We have all done it at least once (or thrice!) before. We accidentally overcooked vegetables to a stage that it was so soft, it wasn't pleasant to eat anymore. What was supposed to be crisp or should still have a crunchy but tender bite to it got mushy. 

Overcooking your food is a common problem when cooking. When it comes to cooking, you can still cook undercooked food to the right doneness but you can't go back. You just can't uncook food you overcooked.

Don't worry though. This can happen to anyone and can happen to other ingredients, too. 

Whether you miscalculated the time while cooking or answered the phone or the door without turning off the stove first, there are at least one to two ways to fix those mushy vegetables you overcooked and still make it edible

Here's what you can do: 

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1 Mash the vegetables. 

There is little else to do really with overcooked vegetables. You can't uncook the vegetables and it's hard to make it crispy again when the vegetables can no longer hold its structure with even more cooking. 

What you can do is mash the entire batch of mushy vegetables and serve it like a mashed potato side dish. You can even add some mashed potatoes to the veggies if it's too mushy, and then make potato balls or pancakes. The additional starch from the potatoes will give it some heft and structure so you can form it into the forms you desire. 

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This soup is thickened with nutritious, sweet potatoes.
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2 Make a cream of vegetable soup. 

Mashing vegetables until smooth is one way to get the best of your overcooked vegetables but if you don't have more vegetables to use, mushy vegetables are a few steps away from becoming a thick and delicious soup. Since the vegetables are already softened, you can mash it, puree it in a thick blender, or continue cooking it until it disintegrates into a soup. 


These two ideas for overcooked vegetables are the easiest to do to save most overcooked, mushy vegetables. Not only that, you won't contribute to needless food waste. If, however, you're not keen on making either of these two kinds of recipes just yet, you can bag and freeze your overcooked vegetables for another day to use. Just remember to save these recipe ideas! 

Be positive and creative in the kitchen! Who knows? You just might find another way to save a dish you thought was inedible and make something supremely delicious to a dish you thought was ruined. 



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