This Salad Trick Will Make Sure Your Greens Aren’t Soggy When You Eat Them

The solution is shockingly easy.

Ever wondered why your delicious, crispy green salad, slathered in your delicious dressing, has suddenly turned into a soggy mess? You're sure you dried your salad greens and all, so where is all that water coming from? Just a few seconds ago, they were fine! What happened?

Salt is the boon and bane of your salad.
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The culprit is the seasoning!


Salt, to be honest, is the best thing that has ever happened to salad, or food in general. For salads, those tiny flecks of salt, whether incorporated into the sauce or sprinkled on the crispy iceberg or Romaine lettuce leaves, brings out the natural sweetness of greens. However, as salt tends to do with everything, it draws out water.

Why is this happening?

First of all, what makes vegetables crunchy and firm, and tasting alive, is "turgor pressure." Turgor pressure keeps plants rigid through filling the plant cells with water. When you add salt or sugar, both of which are hydrophilic (meaning they attract water molecules) water is drawn out and the fruit or vegetable goes limp. That same property is why "dried" goods are sprinkled with salt, and why in some recipes, vegetables meant to be fried are first salted then wiped dry. 

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What's the solution?

Serve your seasoning on the side. Don't salt your fruits and veggies if serving fresh until the last minute, right before it's eaten. This is why salads are tossed on the table where it's supposed to be eaten and not in the restaurant kitchen. Apply this trick at home and you'll be eating incredibly crispy fruits and veggies in your salads all the time.


With this trick, you'll be enjoying restaurant-quality salads now. Eating veggies daily will be a lot tastier, and easier! 


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