Avoid Wet, Mushy Rice By Doing This

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Mushy rice is not appetizing. In fact, it's just a cup of water short of being congee or lugaw. If that wasn't your intention, this is a problem that usually happens when you lift the lid of your rice cooker and the droplets that collected on the lid drip onto the rice. 

Fortunately, it's a problem that you can avoid. 

How do you prevent water droplets from dripping from the lid while steaming? You can always catch those pesky water droplets and don't let the water drip onto the rice when you lift the lid. However, if you want to really avoid those water droplets from forming in the first place, you can try something else that the Chinese do when steaming dim sum in bamboo baskets with steel lids.

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Here's the simple trick: Wrap a kitchen towel around the lid.   

It's easy and you might wonder why you never thought of doing it before! Rice cookers are super useful and sometimes when you're cooking, you forget that the rice is done and don't catch these droplets from dropping. This solves that timing issue and prevents it from forming.  

You can use this same trick when you are steaming puto, siomai, or even when you want to have excellent steamed food that isn't soggy from all that dripping water droplets. 


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