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It's normal to find a can of fruit cocktail in your Christmas basket. Even if you're not a fan of the dessert salad, the fruit salad made with that can of fruit cocktail plus condensed and evaporated milk is usually on the table of many Noche Buena and Media Noche feasts. Having some of this leftover from the holidays is not unheard of. The question is what to do with any that is still in your kitchen after the holidays are over.

We got you! Here are some interesting and delicious ways to use up any leftover fruit cocktail (and fruit salad!) you may still have:

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1 Make a smoothie or shake.

We know that it's not the usual way of using leftover fruit salad but think about it: a fruit salad is the ideal smoothie ingredient. It's already sweetened not just by the syrup the fruits were originally stored in but also by the sweetened condensed milk you added. Plus, it's got cream, so you actually don't need to use much as much milk or other creamy liquids to be able to blend the fruit chunks into a drinkable mixture.

You get a fruity drink that's perfectly seasoned because it was already delicious to begin with.

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2 Stir into cakes and put on top of cupcakes.

Cakes and cupcakes are known for their luscious frosting that literally takes the cake from ordinary to scrumptious. You can do the same thing with any fruit cocktail you may have! Make a batter of a simple cake and instead of adding a flavoring, stir in fruit cocktail chunks for a fruit cake that you will want to eat.

You can even use fruit cocktail as a topping for cupcakes instead of sprinkles! Just drain well so there's no dripping over the cupcake liner.


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3 Use as chunky side or topping for pancakes and waffles.

Anyone who loves pancakes and waffles might appreciate some fruits on the side to give it a delicious fresh tasting respite from the rest of the meal. If you might want to add jam or something sweet to your breakfast plate, why not add some fruit cocktail on the side or even in the pancake itself while still in the pan.


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4 Blend it into ice candy treats.

Summer may not be near but the thought of an icy treat may inspire you to make some ice candy. Flavor the ice candy with ingredients with chunky fruits instead of buko strands, melon, or ube. Plus, these keep until you are craving something icy and sweet to refresh yourself as needed.


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5 Add to sweet and sour recipes.

Those who love sweet and sour dishes know that the recipe usually uses pineapples to give it that sweet-tang. This is a great opportunity to deliver more sweetness without needing to add more sugar. Instead of using just pineapples, feel free to add in fruit cocktail to the sauce so you get bursts of fruity sweetness. 

Got anything else that you have leftovers in your refrigerator which needs to be used up? Here are some more ideas: 


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