How To Use Queso De Bola In Your Christmas And New Year Recipes

This is how you can use Edam cheese.

One of the classic items you will find in the supermarket during the holidays is a red ball of cheese. Edam cheese or queso de bola as it's locally known is a semi-hard cheese that is wrapped in a layer of red wax or paraffin. It ages well and the more aged the cheese is, the harder it becomes and the most intense the flavor becomes. 

Queso de bola aged just right is actually a creamy cheese with notes of nuttiness with salty bursts. It is commonly eaten as is but you can do more than just eat it with grapes or dried fruit and nuts on a cheeseboard.

Here are ideas on how you can use Edam cheese or queso de bola for more than just eating: 

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1 Use it as a substitute for Parmesan cheese. 

There are many ways to use Parmesan cheese. It's in many recipes, either as an ingredient or as a topping that's sprinkled at the end. Take advantage of these recipes and substitute the Parmesan with queso de bola instead. For best results, freshly grate or shave off slivers of queso de bola as needed. 

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2 Make Queso de Bola crisps!  

You need to try these gorgeous and perfect queso de bola crisps from Isabels. However, if you have a ball and don't know what to do with it, we have news for you: Did you know you can make these cheese crisps at home? They're super easy to make, too! You just need 1 ingredient: queso de bola

It's best if you freshly grate the queso de bola to make 1 cup to make these crisps. Here's how to make easy queso de bola crisps:

  1. 1 Preheat oven to 350 degrees F or 180 degrees C. Lightly grease a baking sheet with oil or use a silicone mat on a baking sheet. Set aside.  
  2. 2 Place about 1 tablespoon freshly grated cheese on the prepared baking sheet. Spread the cheese slightly to create a perfect circle that's not too flat but not too mounded either. (The cheese will melt so make it thick enough to give you a bite) Allow about 1-inch space between each flattened cheese mound. Repeat with the remaining cheese until the sheet is full. 
  3. 3 Bake for 5 minutes or until the cheese has melted and bubbles. Cool slightly before removing from the sheet. Repeat as needed until all the cheese is baked. 

You can even add herbs to the cheese such as rosemary, thyme, or even oregano. Use about 1/2 teaspoon per cup of cheese or you can even add a touch of a spice like crushed coriander seeds or even garlic powder to the cheese, too.

Store these homemade crisps in air-tight containers so it stays as crisp as and then get crazy! Either eat them as is or crush them to add to salads or add crunch to your pasta. 

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3 Make or add it into a dip. 

There are two ways to make a cheese dip: make a totally cheesy one or add other ingredients to the mix. 

Queso de bola isn't like mozzarella that will produce stringy cheese when melted. Instead, it's a cheese that will melt if you use enough milk. That's why it makes a fantastic cheese sauce and if made thick enough and irresistible enough, you can serve it super thick and creamy with toasted crusts of bread as an appetizer or snack.

You can even add it to an already existing dip recipe so you can amp up the flavor and add a cheesy flavor. Spinach dips and even mushroom dips would be fantastic to tweak using queso de bola

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4 Make or add to a cheese sauce. 

The best way to add queso de bola to a recipe is to make a cheese sauce. This cheese sauce can be added to the entire dish such as in a mac and cheese pasta recipe or it can be used as a topping like a cheese sauce you might use when making baked salmon ala Conti's.  


Photo by Roselle Miranda

5 Eat it as is with crackers. 

Why not eat it as is? In fact, eating it with crackers is the best way to truly enjoy the flavors of the cheese, especially if you love cheese in general. Pair it with neutral saltine crackers or the more flavorful and saltier milky round crackers.    


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