How To Use Truffle Oil To Make Your Dishes Sinfully Delicious

Just a few drops is all you need!

Truffles are one of the most expensive food in the world. Truffles are mushrooms that grow in a specific environment: underground. The white and yellow truffles, also known as winter truffles, are harder to find, making them super expensive, while less expensive summer or black truffles are the more common mushroom.

Truffle oil from the white truffle is pungent in aroma but has a more subtle flavor of garlic with hints of pepper. Black truffle meanwhile is also equally aromatic but is more earthy with a garlic flavor that is also nutty. Either mushroom is delicious when paired with the right food but if you're new to using truffle oil, you need to know how to make your dishes taste sinfully delicious without overdoing it.  

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How do you use truffle in recipes? 

Whole truffles are expensive. If you have the luxury of using a real truffle mushroom for your recipes, it's best you use either a shaver or a vegetable peeler to thinly slice the mushroom. Add the slices as a garnish to dishes. If you're going to grate it over dishes, freeze the mushroom first so it's easier to grate. 

Truffle oil is actually easy to use. It's how you use it that makes a difference. If you're thinking of making a mushroom dish, you can definitely add a drop or two of truffle oil to the dish to give it that delicious aroma and warmth of flavor. Here's the catch though: you add truffle oil at the end of cooking or even right before mixing and serving.

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That's because truffle oil's flavor is heat-sensitive and is best used as if it were a cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil: as a finishing oil. All this fancy phrase means is that it's best when not cooked or heated up. 

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Are you interested in getting your hands on some truffle mushrooms that won't cost you several thousand? We found affordable truffle products online! You can get the Umbria Terra Di Tartufi's White Truffle Oil available in 100-mL and 250-mL bottles for P719 and P1,399. There is also the ready-to-cook Original Truffle Sauce in 80-gram (P519) and 180-gram jars (P759). Use the prepared sauces as if you are using pesto and just gently heat on the stove before tossing it into your dish. For those who truly adore the truffle flavor, there is a more intense truffle sauce, the Black Truffle Sauce 5% (intense) available in a 180-g bottle for P999. 


Many recipes might be even more fantastic tasting if you added a drop of truffle oil or tried the truffle sauce that's ready to mix into your preferred dish. Here are ideas on how to use truffle oil in recipes you can try at home:

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1 Truffle Fries Recipe 

This may be the simplest way to enjoy truffle! Fry some potatoes and toss a few drops into the still-hot fries and serve as is or with a hearty steak.  


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2 Truffle Mushroom Sauce Recipe 

Are you thinking of making a creamy sauce for pasta? Does your pasta have mushrooms? If you are and want to level either of these pasta recipes up a notch in flavor, a drop of truffle oil might be all you need to accomplish that!  


3 Truffle Potato Soup Recipe 

Just like the pasta sauces and the fries, you'll need something to make taste more delicious. In this case, a simple potato soup gets the truffle mushroom treatment. Drizzle it right on top before serving and stir it in before you take a taste.    

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4 Truffle Mushroom Toast Recipe 

Mushrooms get even more loaded with umami when it's tossed with truffle oil. Serve it on top of toasted bread slices and season to taste for a seemingly simple but powerfully flavorful appetizer. 

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5 Truffle Mashed Potatoes Recipe  

To make your Noche Buena even more glamorous, stir in truffle oil or the truffle sauce into buttery mashed potatoes. We think potatoes and truffle mushrooms are a great food combo!    


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6 Truffle Mushroom Pizza Recipe 

If you're ordering a pizza with mushrooms, give this a try: drizzle a little truffle oil on top and see how irresistible your pizza slice will become when you do.   

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Give it a try and see how a little drop of oil can change the way you make party recipes from now on. 



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