7 Ilonggo Dishes You Need To Try At Home

Looking for indulgent delicious local food? The Ilonggos have your back.
La paz batchoy topped with chicken, toasted garlic and shallots, and pork bits in a mustard bowl

Ilonggo cuisine is one we all enjoy around the metro: from their famous inasal, batchoy, and silvanas. There’s even more to enjoy from them that you should definitely also try. These dishes from the Visayan region creatively use spices and churn out delicious, rich stews. Once you try cooking these recipes, you’ll be using them for a long time.

Dig into these famous Ilonggo recipes and bring a taste of Iloilo to your dining table:

1 Laswa (Vegetable Soup) Recipe

laswa or Ilonggo vegetable soup in a bowl, contains veggies, squash, and prawns
Laswa is comfort in a bowl: the seafood and veggies create a delicious bowl of soup that’s hearty and filling.
Photo by Majoy Siason

This laswa recipe is an Ilonggo favorite that’s a delicious medley of vegetables and shrimp. It’s the perfect way to change up the way you have your veggies.

2 Kansi Recipe

Kansi with beef shanks in a black bowl
Kansi is like the beautiful love child of bulalo and sinigang.
Photo by Dan Rivera

Kansi brings together two of your favorite things: the indulgent beef bone marrow that’s reminiscent of bulalo and the vibrant taste of sinigang. We really have to thank the Ilonggos for this one! Trust us when we say that you’ll need a lot of rice when you try this kansi recipe at home.

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3 La Paz Batchoy Recipe

la paz batchoy in a mustard colored bowl, topped with toasted shalltos, cgarlic, chicken and pork bits
You’ll need some patience to make this flavorful batchoy broth, but good (and yummy) things come to those who wait!
Photo by Riell Santos

The rich pork broth and the silky noodles coming together make up the perfect comfort food: La Paz batchoy. This is perfect as a meal or an afternoon snack, and it’s also one of the best hangover noodle dishes you’ll ever have.

4 Pancit Molo Recipe

Molo soup in a gray bowl
Pancit Molo or Molo soup is one of the best Filipino food. It’s hearty, meaty, and super flavorful!
Photo by Bianca Laxamana

This comforting soup recipe is one you’ll be using for a long, long time. Pancit molo or molo soup is an Ilonggo dumpling soup dish that is usually made with dumplings filled with ground chicken and ground pork.


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5 Bangus Inasal Recipe

Bangus inasal on a banana leaf on a plate, with veggies and reice on the side
Inasal doesn’t just refer to the chicken dish; it’s also a method of cooking that can be applied to other proteins like fish.
Photo by Erwin Obcemea

Inasal is for more than just your chicken. Give your bangus the same distinct flavors with this bangus inasal recipe.

6 Chicken Binakol Recipe

two bowls of chicken binakol in red bowls flatlay
The binakol is different from tinola because of the buko juice.
Photo by Michael Chua

There’s always room for chicken at any spread. Everyone will love this chicken binakol recipe especially with the fresh notes of coconut.


7 Silvanas Recipe

silvanas stacked on a board and in a box
Silvanas are a truly indulgent treat, and it’s on of the best pasalubong you could get anyone!
Photo by Patrick Martires

These delicious cold treats can be made at home and stored in the freezer. They’re essentially sandwiches made with cashew wafers and frozen buttercream. You’ll want to make a big batch of this silvanas recipe because it’s hard to stop at just one (or two)!


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