Fire Up The Grill: We Have Inihaw Tips for Delicious Grilled Meats

Improve your grill skills!

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Summer is always the perfect time to bring out the grill. Grilling is one of the easiest ways to cook your meats but there are a few things to remember to make sure you have perfectly-grilled meats. 

You'll need to clean the grill before you start grilling anything on it.
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1 Clean those grates!

Before you even start your grilling session, use a heavy-duty brush or scouring pad to clean your grill grates. You'll need to get into the nooks and crannies of the barbecue grill grates before you put food on it.

No brush? Use a crumpled up piece of aluminum to do the job! After all, the food will be placed directly on these grates so make sure that it's as clean as you can get it. If you can't, use aluminum foil to prevent the food from coming in direct contact on it. 

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These skewered meats are ready to go on the grill!
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2 Bring out the food.  

Now that the grill is clean and the charcoal is getting hot, get the food ready! Bring out the food to be cooked on the grill on large trays or plates, and have it within arms' reach of the grill. This way, there's no need to have to go back and forth from the kitchen just to leave something cooking on the grill longer than it needs to be. 

Likewise, have a tray or a serving plate ready to receive the cooked food as soon as it's ready to be served. Avoid contamination, and don't use the same tray you used for the cooked meats as the uncooked meats. 

Use long tongs and long mittens over your hands to protect them from the scorching heat of the charcoal.
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3  Use long barbecue mittens and long tongs. 

When the charcoal is white hot, grab a pair of the longest pair of tongs you have. You should also invest in a long kitchen mitt, too, preferably one that can reach up to your elbow or at least halfway up your arm.

Why? The length of these two items will prevent your arm from getting a burn as you slave away over the hot coals. 

Just like a pan on the stove, avoid crowding the grill with too much food.
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4 Avoid crowding the grill. 

If you cook for a crowd, the tendency is to cook everything quickly so everyone can start eating sooner. Unfortunately, crowding the grill will do the same thing as crowding a pan would on the stove: drop the temperature of what you're cooking and make it steam rather than sear. 

You also run the risk of both overcooking and undercooking food at the same time! This is because grills are notorious when it comes to heating up certain areas. So, unless the heat is constant everywhere, you'll want to give the meats and veggie space to cook in its own time. 


You'll want to brush your freshly cooked barbecue with this delicious sauce!
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5 Brush meats (and veggies) with sauce.  

You've waited patiently for the meats and veggies to cook. Now that it's almost cooked just right, it's time to start brushing it with some of that delicious barbecue sauce you whipped up earlier. You'll want to do this at the last few minutes of cooking because the sugars in the sauce can burn. While a few burnt tips and ends are delicious, burning the entire sauced area isn't a good idea. 

Avoid burning too much of the sauce, and start basting with the sauce a little later rather than earlier. 



6 Let the meat rest. 

We can't stress it enough: let the meats rest at least 10 minutes before digging in. You run the risk of letting all the juices ooze out the meat and serving something that is dry. Wait until after 10 minutes and you'll see that your plate of perfectly-cooked pork barbecue, liempo, and steaks will create a small pool of juices on the plate. It won't be a big pool, and this is your indication that you've allowed your meats to rest enough, and it's ready to serve.


Now that you know more inihaw tips and tricks, you're more than ready for the summer to really take off and be the most fun and delicious outdoor time of your year.

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