All The Ways You Can Upgrade Your Instant Pancit Canton

Hack your instant pancit canton noodles with these ideas!

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The instant pancit canton is a revolutionary food item! Before this faux "stir-fried" instant noodles, all instant noodles were ramen. 

The pancit canton is a great innovation because it not only made making pancit canton easier and faster to make, but it also created an avenue for its cooks to become creative. The packaging itself reveals that it can be upgraded but have you ever truly upgraded your instant pancit canton meal? 

We got you! There are so many ways to make instant pancit canton seem more than an instant meal. So, no, you do not have to settle for the same tasting pancit canton when, with a little more effort to cook your meal, you can have instant "stir-fried noodles" meal that's extra. Here are some ideas on how to do just that:  

Photo by Bianca Laxamana

1 Top it with an egg. 

This may be the easiest way to take that pack of instant pancit canton and making it into a meal worthy of breakfast. It's an instant and easy way to beef up your meal and that runny egg will make your pancit even more delicious, too! 

Photo by Karishma Etong
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2 Add leftover chop suey

Leftover ideas are just as quick and easy as instant noodle recipes. Why not combine these two dishes and create an entirely new dish? Chop suey is a great example to use because it has all the ingredients that you need to make a pancit canton! Plus, it's also pretty tasty on its own so you're not going to be at a loss for flavor. Just cook the noodles and toss with the leftover chop suey before adding the seasoning packets because it can get too salty if you're not careful.   

Photo by Patrick Martires

3 Stir into soup. 

We know we said that you don't need to make these noodles soupy, but this pancit canton recipe will blow your mind with its flavor! You can make it spicy or not spicy but either way, if you have leftover soup from your nilaga, bulalo, of even your tinola meal, you may want to save that flavorful broth to use for your next pancit canton meal. That's because you can simmer your noodles in that soup and immediately amp up the delicious taste of your noodles that way. Not only that, if you have a bit of meat and vegetables from that dish leftover, too, we say add it in for a slurp-worthy bowl that you will want to try again.    

Photo by Majoy Siason

4 Combine it with a ramen pack. 

If you've watched Korea's Oscar-winning movie "Parasite", you know this mouth-watering dish renamed "ram-don" has been making its rounds on the internet. What makes this recipe so appealing to the masses is the sheer simplicity of how it's made. Two instant noodle packs are combined to create a delicious noodle dish. It's upgraded by adding seared steak cubes. 


Photo by Majoy Siason-Bascos

5 Add cheese. 

This may be common for ramen noodles but instant pancit canton noodles could use some cheese, too! You don't need to hunt down a variant of pancit canton that has cheese, though, and instead, grab some cheese and grate it on as soon as it comes out of the boiling water so it can melt before you add in the other ingredients.

Cheese not melting? Here's a trick you can use: Place the cheese in a small frying pan with a little water. Heat it up, stirring. It should melt! Once it's melted, simmer a little to evaporate the water before tossing in your pancit noodles.   

Photo by Dairy Darilag

6 Sauce it up even more. 

We know instant pancit canton packets already have seasoning packets but you don't need to be limited by it! You can change the sauce. If you have other ingredients in your kitchen, you can make another kind of sauce for you instant pancit canton meal that can be different every time you eat it. You can even recreate that mie goreong pack you're craving! 


Do you have a hack that you have tried on your instant noodles? 

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