10 Itlog Recipes To Transform Hard-Boiled Easter Eggs Into Delicious Dishes

Got Easter eggs and not sure what to do with them? Use them this way.
spicy deviled eggs using hard boiled eggs recipe image with an egg in hand

It’s always wise to make the best of what you have and that always includes not contributing to food waste, so don’t let your egg-hunting stash should go to waste! When you have more eggs than you can eat in one sitting, being food smart means knowing how to not only store hard-boiled eggs for later but also how to use them to make delicious dishes. 

We have ideas on how to use cooked eggs beyond just peeling and then chomping on them. In fact, since these eggs are already cooked, half the work of the recipes is already done! With these recipes, we not only give you ideas on what to do with the eggs but also two ways it can be done. 

Here are 10 recipes that transform simple hard-boiled eggs into delicious dishes using cooked eggs: 

1 Adobong Baboy at Itlog Recipe 

Pork adobo with hard boiled egg in a white bowl
Photo by Majoy Siason

Everyone has their way of cooking adobo. Whether it’s masabaw, tuyo, or a gloriously saucy version that’s a median of both, you can always make it heartier with a hard-boiled egg added to this adobong baboy at itlog dish. It not only makes the dish more malaman, but creates a fantastic “marinated egg” effect thanks to the super tasty adobo sauce

Adobong Itlog at Patatas Recipe 

filipino adobo with hard boiled egg (itlog) and potatoes (patatas) in a white bowl
Photo by Zoe del Rosario

Are you sticking to a meatless diet? If you are but keep eggs and dairy on your ingredients list, this is one adobo recipe that you will love! This egg and potato recipe keeps you full and satisfied without making you miss the taste of an adobo. This adobong itlog at patatas dish lets its ingredients absorb the adobo sauce, giving them the full flavor treatment, while helping you eat better. 

3 Easy Egg Salad on Toast Recipe

egg salad on slice of toast
Photo by Majoy Siason

What could be easier than chopping up hard-boiled eggs and mixing them with mayonnaise? This recipe but not by much! While you still have to do some chopping and mixing, the mixing also includes some additional ingredients to take this easy egg salad on toast recipe so much better than your ordinary egg salad. 


4 Ham and Egg Pandesal Sandwich Recipe

egg salad with ham palaman in pandesals
Photo by Rico Jose

Egg salad is easy to make but why not level it up with ham, tomatoes, kesong puti, and cheese spread. It’s not your typical breakfast pandesal but it does make a more filling merienda or even baon sandwich idea

5 Lugaw With Egg Recipe 

lugaw with hard boiled egg in a bowl recipe image
Photo by Riell Santos

Lugaw is one of the easiest comfort food you can make and enjoy. This savory rice porridge uses simple ingredients, but it can make you feel lacking in more hearty fare. Make your ordinary lugaw with an egg to make it more appetizing (and filling!) with this simple addition. 


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6 Chicken Mami Recipe 

bowl of chicken mami with hard boiled eggs, carrots, green onions recipe image
Photo by Majoy Siason

You can easily cook instant noodles in a pot and plop in an egg as it cooks for an egg drop soup-style sabaw. Why not do the same thing with your bowl of chicken mami but instead of breaking the egg into the soup, you just add it in (peeled of course!) only until it’s heated through? You can even transform your bowl of beef pares into a mami, too! 

7 Easy Deviled Eggs Recipe 

deviled eggs sprinkled with paprika recipe image
Photo by Patrick Martires

With so many eggs on hand after an event such as the Easter Egg Hunt, you may have more eggs than you can consume. Why not invite your barkada over to help you feast on these easy deviled eggs? You can even add a little luxe to your eggs by adding expensive saffron (or its substitutes!) to the mix.  

8 Spicy Deviled Eggs Recipe 

spicy deviled eggs using hard boiled eggs recipe image
Photo by Patrick Martires

Want to make deviled eggs with a bit of heat? You have lots of choices when it comes to hot sauces but for this spicy deviled eggs recipe, sriracha is a great choice. It not only dyes the egg yolk mixture a lovely reddish- orange hue but also gives it flavor without making it taste sour (unlike vinegar-based hot sauces). You can also use gochujang or the Korean hot pepper paste if that’s what you have. 


9 Easy Scotch Eggs Recipe 

scotch egg or meat wrapped boiled egg recipe image
Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

scotch egg is a boiled egg that has been wrapped in a seasoned meat shell, usually made with sausage meat, and then fried until just cooked through. Doesn’t that sound like a brilliantly delicious egg recipe idea? This scotch egg recipe uses a soft-boiled egg to get a video-worthy runny yolk but a hard-boiled one like those from your egg hunt will work just as well. This dish is commonly served cold with a salad on the side. Try it to find out why this classic English recipe is one that you have only heard about now! 

10 Tapa, Pako, and Salted Egg Salad Recipe 

leafy green salad with beef tapa, salted egg, and pako fern greens
Photo by Patrick Martires

What is more Pinoy than a salad that uses tapa, pako, and salted egg or itlog na maalat? While the itlog na maalat is the ingredient called for in this recipe, you can easily swap it out with a hard-boiled egg! Try it with this combo with a ripe papaya salad dressing or try it with a super easy Bagoong Balayan and calamansi juice salad dressing that is fantastic with this salad or one with other simply boiled vegetables. 

Are you getting hungry yet and eager to turn your hard-boiled egg into any of these delicious recipes using eggs? 


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