This Is Our Top Chicken Recipe for 2018

This is an absolute must-try!

IMAGE Karishma Etong

This year, the Kapampangan Chicken Asado Recipe topped our most popular chicken recipe list for good reason: the promise of Kapampangan expertise, the ease of cooking chicken, and the familiar Chinese-inspired sweet and sour taste of asado.

Key to this version of asado is using fresh tomatoes which offer texture and juiciness you otherwise won't achieve with just plain tomato paste. It offers sweetness and fruity notes truly like no other that reduces into a beautiful, chunky sauce.

If you prefer your asado to be less sweet, omit the sugar as the natural sweetness of the tomatoes (especially if you find really ripe, red ones!) might also be enough for you. A lot of Kapampangans would also suggest to turn the flavor profile more towards sour and salty, so you may adjust the taste according to your liking. Just remember to keep tasting the sauce as you season and mix.


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