These Tips Makes The Best Tasting Kare Kare

Do you use crunchy or smooth peanut butter?

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Is the kare-kare one of your favorite dishes? The kare-kare, also known as the peanut stew that uses oxtail, is a hearty dish that many of us, especially those who love peanuts, love. There are other ingredients in the dish that make it hearty but it's the peanuts that make up the main flavor. 

Here are tips to ensure that your kare-kare dish is always delicious and as near to perfect as you can make it: 

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1 Use real peanuts. 

It's a hassle but the reward for using real peanuts is going to be reflected in the taste. Peanut butter is already seasoned and usually, sweetened. That's why when you use real peanuts, whether you grind it yourself in a mortar and pestle (aka the almires or the pandikdik) or you use a chopper, food processor, or blender, the flavor is going to be more intense and more peanutty than if you used prepared peanut butter.

The peanut taste will also not be competing with the sweetness that the spread commonly has so you get a pure nutty flavor that you can only get if you use real peanuts and not a prepared product. The taste will definitely be your reward. 

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2 Toast the peanuts but also the rice. 

Toasting the peanuts is usually a given but the rice? Not always and usually only if you need to grind the rice to a powder. Toasting not only gives a delicious flavor to the rice but also crisps it up so it's easier to grind down finely.


There are even hacks where you can use rice flour instead. That's okay too but we suggest this hack to make the flavor of both the peanuts and the rice become more enhanced: toast the rice flour, too. This is as easy as toasting the flour for polvoron. 

Just use a dry pan over low heat and add the flour. Keep it moving so it toasts evenly and in a few minutes, you'll detect toasted notes wafting from the pan. 

Do you like it smooth or crunchy?
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3 Choose smooth or chunky. 

We know that not everyone will have the time to grind the peanuts and the rice so it's perfectly fine to use peanut butter. However, even here you have a choice: are you going to use smooth or chunky? Smooth used to be the only kind of peanut butter you can get but you have to give thanks to whoever thought to leave some peanut pieces in their peanut butter! 

If you love finding those bits and having some texture to your kare-kare sauce, use chunky peanut butter. However, if you prefer it to be a smooth and silky sauce, you can stick to the smooth kind. This is a great idea to add to your kare-kare because even those who grind their peanuts may find that it's not as smooth as they like. 

Are you craving this peanut stew now? Here are more ideas and recipes you may want to try: 



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