Kitchen Tips: What is Blanching?

It's the only proper way to keep veggies nice and bright.


As with most fancy cooking words and terms, blanching is much simpler than most starter cooks think it is.

Blanching is the process of quickly cooking something (often veggies or fresh pasta) in salted boiling water. Blanching never takes longer than a minute or two, and any longer than that, it would just be called straight up boiling.


The trick with blanching is that you want to cook your food enough that it becomes a little warmer and a little bit more tender, but you don’t want to cook it for so long that it turns everything into mush. You still want your food to have a bit of bite or what the Italians call al dente.

Many cooks prepare an ice bath before blanching their veg or pasta, so that they can submerge their blanched food into it to stop the cooking process immediately. If an ice bath sounds like a bit of a stretch, a good rinse under cold running water will also do fine.

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