10 Useful Kitchen Tools Under P500

You will definitely get your money’s worth!

While some kitchen tools and appliances are definitely worth that big investment, others don’t require you to splurge to get your money’s worth. We scoured several department stores, specialty shops, and appliance stores around the metro to find fun, quirky, and useful kitchen tools under P500 that are worth keeping in your kitchen. Take a look at our picks!




1 Seed and Stem Remover by Progressive


Working with peppers can be a little painful if you are sensitive to the sting—use this handy seed and stem remover when you’re prepping green finger chilies (siling pangsigang) and other peppers. The small end (with teeth) can be used to hull strawberries and take out tomato stems, while the longer end can be used for scraping out seeds from fruit or peppers.


Available in The Landmark, P199.75.

Photo credit: Progressive Kitchen


2 Oven Thermometer by Excel Cooker


Whether you’re using a gas oven or electric oven at home, it pays off to have an accurate reading all the time. Bakers will love this tool! It doesn’t cost much, either.



Available in Wonderbake, P230.

Photo credit: Ali Express



3 Garlic Machine Garlic Press by Chef’n


If you’re not a fan of smelly hands, you will love this garlic press! It does all the work for you. All you have to do is place garlic cloves inside and twist. You’ll have chopped garlic ready for cooking! It also includes a lid, so you can store chopped garlic in the refrigerator until you need it.


Available in The Landmark, P 389.75.

Photo credit: Amazon.com



4 Herb Ball by Prepworks


This fine wire mesh ball can hold tea leaves or herb leaves and can release flavor into hot soups and stews without you have to worry about loose leaves and stems floating around. It’s dishwasher-safe, too!


Available in The Landmark, P 209.75.

Photo credit: Amazon.com



5 Soda Dispenser by Jokari


This will definitely get the good times rolling. All you have to do is screw and twist it onto any 2-liter bottle of soda. Soda on tap, anyone?


Available in True Value, P 450.

Photo credit: eBay




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6 3-Cup Sifter by Sunbeam


This giant cup sifter makes it easier to sift and measure flour and other dry ingredients: all you have to do is scoop, then twist the side handle to sift the flour into a bowl. Easy!


Available in The Landmark, P 389.75.

Photo credit: At Home


7 Cookie Scoop by Sunbeam


Ice cream scoops are often too large for cookies—Sunbeam’s cookie scoop is smaller in size and is perfect for scooping out cookie dough for evenly-sized cookies!


Available in The Landmark, P 199.75.

Photo credit: Enasco



8 Candy and Deep Fry Thermometer by Good Cook


When it comes to hot sugar and hot oil, temperature is extremely important—one degree to high and you can burn a whole batch of perfectly good food! For homemade caramel sauce or homemade crunchy fried chicken, a handy thermometer will do the trick.


Available in Wonderbake, P 180.

Photo credit: Amazon




9 Silicone “Push Out” Ice Cube Tray by Chef Craft


Silicone tools are always value-for-money buys—they are cheap, durable, and perform well all the time. Use this ice cube tray for perfectly frozen ice cubes (that don’t stick), mini popsicles, or oil cubes for cooking. You can even bake bite-sized pieces or brownies or butterscotch bars in these!


Available in Handyman, P 199.75.

Photo credit: eBay


10 Immersion Heater by Norpro


This tool can bring a pot of water to a boil in under five minutes—all you have to do is plug it, place the metal part inside the pot, and turn it on. It comes at an extremely affordable price, too!



Available in True Value, P 450.

Photo credit: True Value






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